Blogs coming soon…

You know, it’s not easy being an enigmatic author – if it’s not one thing, then it’s another. This morning I realised that my chaise longue needed a brush down, and my smoking jacket needed a dry clean. Then, as I was wandering around my spacious Kensington apartment, I glanced to my right and noticedContinue reading “Blogs coming soon…”

Pre-order Confessions of an Invisible Man NOW!!

My new novel Confessions of an Invisible Man is now available to pre-order from Chronos Publishing and other leading booksellers including Waterstones, Foyles and more… Released on February 14th, it’s the tale of Cooper McRae who is going to be invisible for exactly seven days. What will he do? Well, he’ll try and woo LucyContinue reading “Pre-order Confessions of an Invisible Man NOW!!”