How do you get your screenplay read by the right people?

It’s one of the most popular questions I hear from other writers, and I have decided to write an ebook all about how I got from having zero (I’ll repeat that: ZERO) contacts in the movie industry to working as a ghostwriter for one of the world’s most successful screenwriters! Yes, that really happened. IContinue reading “How do you get your screenplay read by the right people?”

New Rules for my Comedy Cult!

Hello and a warm welcome to all my loyal comedy cult followers – it’s now time for me to set you some challenges… and announce some new rules! And anyone who disagrees with me is OUT! As your cult leader, of course, I can basically do what I want and make up any rules thatContinue reading “New Rules for my Comedy Cult!”

Is Stephen King Any Good?

Hello dear cult members! Tonight I am discussing Stephen King – and is he actually any good? It doesn’t matter how many billion books he’s sold, that doesn’t necessarily make the geezer a good writer – or does it? I’ve spoken to loads of people who’ve read Fifty Shades of Crap, and I think everyContinue reading “Is Stephen King Any Good?”

Graham the Cartoonist!

You may not know this, but my early career was as a cartoonist and scriptwriter for animation and comics! I was a trainee animator at Bob Godfrey Films for a while, working on Henry’s cat. Bob Godfrey Films also made Rhubarb and Custard! Following this I got into comics and worked freelance for over 20Continue reading “Graham the Cartoonist!”

Blogs coming soon…

You know, it’s not easy being an enigmatic author – if it’s not one thing, then it’s another. This morning I realised that my chaise longue needed a brush down, and my smoking jacket needed a dry clean. Then, as I was wandering around my spacious Kensington apartment, I glanced to my right and noticedContinue reading “Blogs coming soon…”

Is it a good idea to base characters on people you know?

Well, let’s look at the positives: For a start, if you already know someone well, their personality and how they would probably react in certain situations, then it really does make writing easier. In Confessions of an Invisible Man, I based Ledley, the kitchen manager on a guy I knew at school called Alwyn Simpson.Continue reading “Is it a good idea to base characters on people you know?”

Pre-order Confessions of an Invisible Man NOW!!

My new novel Confessions of an Invisible Man is now available to pre-order from Chronos Publishing and other leading booksellers including Waterstones, Foyles and more… Released on February 14th, it’s the tale of Cooper McRae who is going to be invisible for exactly seven days. What will he do? Well, he’ll try and woo LucyContinue reading “Pre-order Confessions of an Invisible Man NOW!!”

Confessions of an Invisible Man – here on February 14th!

All my many thousands of fans (… and by “many thousands”, I actually mean my girlfriend Julie and my online stalker, Brian), may have been wondering what’s happening with my next novel, Confessions of an Invisible Man. Well wonder no more, because it’s coming out on Valentine’s day. That’s only about two weeks away. SoContinue reading “Confessions of an Invisible Man – here on February 14th!”