Biography: My early years were spent training to be an animator (hand-drawn animation) and as a trainee I worked on Henry’s Cat TV series. My role was to produce the ‘cycles’ – such as rain, walking, running, snow…anything that required drawings to be repeated. I also did stints on The Bunbury’s TV show and the movie: When the Wind Blows.

Following that I got heavily into the adult comic scene where I became a contributor for about 20 or so comics including Viz comic. At the same time as this I was also writing freelance for the BBC and ITV and contributed material for Russ Abbott, Hale & Pace, and Griff Rhys Jones – all famous TV performers in the UK.

After seeing my work in various magazines, Phil Walker, editor of The Daily Star contacted me and asked me to write for them at United News & Media. I was given my own weekly four-page comedy section amongst other things – including the Agony Aunt page! Alongside this I continued to write for performers in the UK & USA.

My comedy ebooks of original comedy material for performers have been quite successful and I release one every two or three years. I have also been co-owner and editor of magicseen magazine for knocking on twenty years. (magicseen.co.uk)

I’ve continued writing, but it wasn’t until about five years ago that I really decided to do what I’d been thinking about for years – writing a novel. My first novel Let’s Hear it for the Boy was published by Chronos Publishing in the UK in 2019, and my next, Confessions of an Invisible Man is due for release late 2020. My third is pencilled in for a March 2021 release.

About three years ago I was contacted by one of the world’s most successful screenwriters to work on one of his projects, which has also led to other writing projects.

Currently I am talking to two movie companies about projects, and I’m also busy writing (with Nigel Fitzhenry) ‘Kendo & George’ The story of wrestling legend Kendo Nagasaki.

That’s me up to date now!

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