‘The Ramones ate my Jam Roly Poly’ …it’s a rom-com!

So, the screenplay for The Ramones ate my Jam Roly Poly is complete! It’s been expertly written (Ahem!) by myself and my mega-talented writing buddy Chris Whitehead. It’s a rom-com with a bit of a difference!

Mark has one month to woo Sarah before she leaves for Australia with her surfer boyfriend Richie.

It’s a rom-com. Inspired by a true story!

On December 25th 1975 an unknown punk band from New York break down outside Mark’s house and he invites them in for dinner – even though it’s his last chance to tell Sarah his feelings….

After a series of dramatic ups and downs, Mark’s hopes rest on making his grandma’s prize-winning jam roly poly for Sarah on Xmas day!

But in a twist, The Ramones eat all the jam roly poly, and help Sarah realise that it’s time to follow her heart…

This is what a jam roly poly looks like…

Myself and Chris wrote the screenplay mostly via Zoom and dividing up scenes which we then went through together. We wanted to create a rom-com that is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, with likeable characters and a good heart at its centre. We think it ticks all the boxes… The movie is set in North Yorkshire in 1975 and now we just need someone to fund it! So, if you have about 5-700K at your disposal, come and talk to us. We’ve got a great director on board, who’s last movie sold to Netlfix for $30 million!

The screenplay is currently in the hands of a couple of movie producers and meanwhile, we need to get this in to the hands of movie companies specifically looking for a rom-com…

So, get in touch and let’s get this Ramones-related party started! We’ve got a complete screenplay and ‘Look Book’ for you to have a look at.

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