How do you get your screenplay read by the right people?

It’s one of the most popular questions I hear from other writers, and I have decided to write an ebook all about how I got from having zero (I’ll repeat that: ZERO) contacts in the movie industry to working as a ghostwriter for one of the world’s most successful screenwriters! Yes, that really happened.

I always wanted to be a movie writer but knew that as a working class kid from a northern Industrial town, the chances of me doing that were pretty slim. So, for many years my career took a different route. I worked on building sites, in a night club (dressed in a Hawaiian grass skirt in the Tiki Bar), as a junior in a marketing dept, in a supermarket and more. All because I thought my background and lack of contacts would mean I wouldn’t get anywhere.

I was in my late twenties when I discovered I had a knack for writing funny stuff. But it was years later when I realised that I actually did have some talent, and that if I could follow a plan I had in my head, there was a chance I could actually succeed.

I’ve put all this – including my plan, into an ebook which is now on sale. I haven’t written it to make money, but to help all those writers out there who are struggling to get anywhere with their scripts. I’ve found that the writing is actually the easy bit – the marketing and finding contacts is the hardest bit. BUT… you can succeed!

If you’d like to buy my ebook, click here. It’s just £2.99. Once payment has been received, your ebook will be emailed to you asap.

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Comedy writer, novelist, screenwriter based in York, England

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