To Be Tendulkar!


Good news, I have now finished my screenplay entitled: To Be Tendulkar – which is actually adapted from my third novel. Technically it is not really adapted from my novel, as I haven’t started writing it yet!

It’s not very common for a screenplay to be written before the novel itself, but as there was movie company interest, the screenplay had to be written first, as I hadn’t actually started the novel. So, now the screenplay is done – at least the second-draft – I can now begin work on the novel for Chronos Publishing.

So, what does ‘To Be Tendulkar’ actually mean? Well, Sachin Tendulkar is the iconic Indian batsman – one of the greatest EVER!

In my story, the main character gets a single wish and asks ‘To Be Like Tendulkar’. This changes his life completely and he struggles to come to terms with his new predicament! Of course, he has ladies (and men) flocking around him, which alienates the girl who really loves him… It’s a rom-com with lots of twists and turns.

The rom-com is set in Leeds, England and follows the story of Rav, whose wife leaves him on his 37th birthday and he’s thrown in to the world of internet dating by his friends. The next stage is getting some work done on the presentation for Netflix.

Confessions of an Invisible Man!

My last novel: Confessions of an Invisible Man has been getting some excellent reviews, and then the other day I got a message from my sister-in-law Vicky – who lives with my brother Steve and their daughter Amelie in Queensland Australia, who’d just got both my novels from her local library. Excellent! She’s hasn’t finished reading the first one yet, but the library says it wants them back as they’ve been booked out again. Oh, it’s just a matter of time before I take over the world. Well done Australia – who said you had no taste??

OK, got to go now as I have things to write something. Just time to put the kettle on first and raid the biscuit cupboard. Those chocolate digestives won’t eat themselves you know! Bye x

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