Graham the Cartoonist!

You may not know this, but my early career was as a cartoonist and scriptwriter for animation and comics! I was a trainee animator at Bob Godfrey Films for a while, working on Henry’s cat. Bob Godfrey Films also made Rhubarb and Custard!

Following this I got into comics and worked freelance for over 20 different comics including Viz Comic. Following this I was a cartoonist for Express newspapers producing two different daily cartoon strips: The Starbirds, and Teenage Mum.

During my time working on The Daily Star, people started asking me for cartoon portraits and I produced them for a couple of Fleet Street editors, celebrities and sports people.

After a couple of recent commissions, I’ve decided to do more of them!

A full colour cartoon portrait will fit perfectly into an A3 frame. Each piece of art will come with a good quality mount, just ready for you to pop it straight into the A3 frame of your choice. This saves me sending glass frames through the post and also allows you to get the frame which suits the décor of where it’s going to hang! These are not the simple caricatures you can get done, these cartoon portraits are top quality, all drawn and painted by hand (nothing is done using digital apps).

A commission of Paul Dixon, Great Britain Rugby League international.
Paul Dixon of Great Britain rugby league, circa 1987. (Photo by Bob Thomas Sports Photography via Getty Images)

What do I need to get started?

Well, I’ll need a good quality photograph (emailed), tell me what hobby the person has (so I can draw their body doing that activity), and I’ll need 2 WEEKS NOTICE, as I don’t want to have to rush the process. Contact me if it is required at short notice and I’ll see if I can switch things around for you.

How much do they cost? Well, I’m doing an introductory price of £100.00 each plus postage of £6.95. You’ll need to pay via paypal (or bank transfer) in advance, and then I’ll get on with it for you! When you receive the artwork, I’ll also email you a few images of the cartoon portrait being worked on.

Eddie Hopper

Here’s another cartoon I’ve done (below), this was published in an adult comic! I’ll post more on a regular basis…

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