Pre-order Confessions of an Invisible Man NOW!!

My new novel Confessions of an Invisible Man is now available to pre-order from Chronos Publishing and other leading booksellers including Waterstones, Foyles and more…

Released on February 14th, it’s the tale of Cooper McRae who is going to be invisible for exactly seven days. What will he do? Well, he’ll try and woo Lucy Pendleton, a girl he fancies at work, try and get a million pounds, and meet his hero Elton John! Should be easy enough? Or maybe not! It’s a rom-com and the publishers and myself are very excited about our new novel. “It’s fab! I love it!” Said Taryn Johnston, owner of Chronos Publishing.

Me trying to look like an enigmatic author, holding the
final proof copy of my new novel.

The cover has been designed by Sam Eastwood, who also did the design for my first novel: Let’s Hear it for the Boy’. It has a retro feel to it, which is what I wanted. I love the really graphic style of those old movie posters such as Anatomy of a Murder, and I specifically asked for something along those lines. Here’s the poster for Anatomy of a Murder (starring James Stewart), which is recognised as one of the all-time great movie posters! It was designed by Saul Bass.

OK, that’s all for the moment – now’s your chance to pre-order Confessions of an Invisible Man. There’s 350 pages in the book, so that at £9.99 that works out at 50p for every 17 pages of fun. Or 0.02p per swearword! What amazing value!!!

If you want to know a little bit more about me, the author, then click here!

Bye for now. 🙂

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