The Comedy Climax – My new comedy book is finished!

Hey! Every couple of years or so I get around to writing a new comedy book of original material for performers to use in their magic and mindreading acts. My new book is called The Comedy Climax: Visual gags, one liners, tricks and routines to make you memorable! As usual, it’s been designed by Phil Shaw, design editor at Magicseen magazine and he’s given it the retro feel that I love. Nice one Phil!

This book (printed and ebook versions) contains guest contributions from the brilliant Nathan Kranzo, the hilarious Mel Mellers, and the fabulous Mike McClean.

Mike has contributed a quick and simple gag/routine called: The Mindreading Chair, which he uses in his cruise ship act every single time he performs. It’s simple but will get you a BIG laugh!

Here's the front cover of my new comedy book The Comedy Climax!
It’s the KRANZILLA! The hilarious Nathan Kranzo trying to look cool. And sadly, he actually does!

The Mel Mellers effect is P.A.T.E.O Socks – a great stand-up routine which he uses in has cabaret shows and on the ships. Once again, a very simple effect, but one that has a big impact.

Nathan Kranzo’s contribution is purely a gag which he uses for kids AND adults. All you’ll need is a miniature air-horn and you’ve got a great little thing to do between tricks!

The printed version of The Comedy Climax will soon be available through wholesalers for magic shops, and it will also be available as an ebook version too. I’ll keep you posted!

Email me if you’re interested in buying the ebook:

OK, got to go and there’s a cuppa and chocolate biscuit calling out my name!

Graham 😊

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