Well, here’s a bit of news – my next novel Confessions of an Invisible Man is now going to be launched towards the end of January and it’s all because of that flippin virus! As many of the major publishers have been holding back launches of their titles, it seems that almost a thousand books are being launched before Xmas! Yeah, so that means small publishers like Chronos get squeezed out by the big corporate bully-boys! I’m not sure if they are bully-boys, but it certainly sounds dramatic!! So don’t despair dear fans, the book is coming soon.

So what is Graham doing meanwhile I hear you all ask? Well, I’m currently watching series 3 of The Bridge (on BBC iPlayer) which is brilliant. I’ve now put brown leather trousers at the top of my Xmas list. Fans of The Bridge will know why!

That woman off The Bridge. In real life she’s married to a priest. And I’m not lying.

But I haven’t just been watching the telly 24/7, I recently finished a screenplay for a movie that will probably never be made: Kendo & George, about iconic wrestler Kendo Nagasaki and his manager George – written by myself and Nigel Fitzhenry.

I’ve also been writing my next comedy ebook: The Comedy Climax which should be out in a week or so. It’s currently being designed by ace designer Phil Shaw on his private island just outside Malton.

It’s choc-a-block with one liners, visual gags and some easy tricks for magicians and mindreaders to use in their shows. The last one I wrote did fantastically well, with all six issue selling out within a matter of months. Er, yes, I’m joking!!

This new ebook has contributions from the sensational Mike McClean, fabulous Nathan Kranzo, stupendous Gary Jones and mediocre Mel Mellers! Sorry, I mean Marvellous Mel Mellers!

Mike McClean – he’s funny (at times)

Right, I’ve got to go now as I need to cook some sausages which went past their use-by date yesterday. They won’t kill me will they?

Ta-rah then my friends! 🙂

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