Kendo and George : A True story!

So, at last, the first draft of the Kendo & George screenplay is done. My co-writer, Nigel Fitzhenry and I have put a big effort into this movie screenplay and we’re pleased with how it’s turned out – at least for the first draft! It’s now been sent off to one of the UKs greatest-ever comedy writers (sorry I have to be a bit vague at the moment, due to confidentiality!) who is our ‘script advisor’, so we’re waiting for any info back from him. The next step is to send off the synopsis and screenplay to several of our contacts in the industry and we’re fortunate to have a couple of movie companies interested in seeing our work, so at least we aren’t having to sent it out blind.

As a little taster, here’s a bit of our synopsis:

Two men – one touching, heart-warming and often hilarious TRUE STORY.

Peter Thornley (aka Kendo Nagasaki)
Adopted at birth and after a far from idyllic childhood in Crewe, Cheshire, Peter Thornley grew up to become one of the world’s most famous wrestlers.

Inspired by Japanese Judo master, Kenshiro Abbe, Peter becomes a student of meditation and after an operation to amputate part of a finger puts a stop to a promising career in judo and weightlifting – Peter creates his alter-ego, Kendo Nagasaki, and his career as one of the most iconic show wrestlers ever, begins.

Watched by millions on TV throughout the 1970s and 80s, Kendo Nagasaki – a mysterious, masked Samurai warrior – remained an enigma, never giving an interview and remaining resolutely anonymous, despite countless attempts to reveal the man behind the mask.

Gorgeous George Gillette
Flamboyant, outspoken and outwardly gay, George was an iconic figure in the London scene during a time when homosexuality was illegal and homophobia was rife in the establishment and society in general. Never one to shy away from the limelight, George is well known and well-loved throughout the capital’s gay community. His personal life is chaotic and his life spirals downwards, eventually ending up with George living in his local burger bar. And then he meets Kendo Nagasaki…

And there’s a lot more. This is the story of Kendo and George…

I’ll keep you posted of developments as they happen!

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